Vitamin K Oxide

Reducing formula of dark circles and puffy bags

Format: 15ml
Skin type: All skin types

Texture: Gel serum

Use: Home Treatment


Intensive and targeted gel serum of treatment to reduce dark circles and bags.

Includes the combination of top actives: vitamin K oxide, caffeine, peptides, vitamin complex and aminoacids.


Helps combat bags and dark circles restoring youthfulness to the expression.
Pigmentation decongestion and reduction caused by the accumulation of hemosiderin and toxins in the eye contour.
It promotes blood microcirculation, strengthens capillaries and facilitates reabsorption while draining the area.
Results will take time and perseverance.


Vitamin K Oxide 1%
Caffeine 5%
Homeostatine™ 3%
Vitamins Complex 1%
Aminoacids Complex 1%
Our objective is to drain the A. Accumulation of
hemosiderin and toxins in this delicate area so they
B. Get reabsorbed and finally reduced.
Stress, diet and lack of sleep hours also have direct
influence in obtaining results.