Making a difference in a market as competitive as the cosmetics industry requires technological advantages, not only by using innovative molecules, but also by working on their transportation, release and bio-compatibility. Here are the different techniques we incorporated in our line


Skin abnormalities do not occur in the upper layer of the skin, but the deeper layers of the derma. Laboratories around the world are investing millions of euros in research and development to find a way to reach these areas because the skin acts as a protective barrier.

Our laboratory has developed different techniques to solve this problem, significantly increasing efficiency in terms of action time and results:


A unique technology in the world based on the transfer of active agents through an all-natural skin osmosis process, which is linked to the drying of our Mosse Mud (which can be combined with any active agent tailored to the customer’s needs).

The results are spectacular, not only in the transport of active agents, but also in the levels of activation and oxygenation of the skin, with immediate effect.

> LIPOSOMAL NANO-TECH (Encapsulated Principle Active)

This nanotechnology technique involves encapsulating active molecules in liposomes. Making it the best solution to pass through the skin barrier thanks to its biocompatibility and nanoscopic size.

Most of our products are “liposome” offering x2.5 times more penetration rate and x1.6 faster diffusion time in tissues in comparison with regular molecules.


We incorporate different molecular weights to our formulas, to reach different strata of the derm, thus achieving greater penetration and bioavailability. The result is greater efficiency, in less time, and with lower doses.


Most of our products incorporate natural hydration factors (NMF), which support and facilitate release technology for 72 hours, creating an additional water supply for skin hydration needs.

Hydration technology is essential to the uniformity and flexibility of the skin barrier, which prevents its degradation. We love to add this sustained release tech to most of our formulations.


Our technique allows us to deliver large amounts of active agents without causing inflammation, discomfort, or side effects, and thus increase the overall effectiveness of our products, even on sensitive skin.

Two products that are highly sensitive to high doses, are retinol (up to 1.2%) and vitamin C (32% ascorbic acid), are among the highest percentages that can be found on the market. Other manufacturers do not aproach this levels because of the irritation risk.

In our laboratory we have developed and tested high tech anti-irritation actives (prebiotics, polyphenols, phytoextracts, NMF) in combination with optimal pH buffered formulas and another techniques we cannot disclosure.


We are experts in the formulation of fresh antioxidants. We use the pure forms, not derivatives, which are much potent but more unstable. Thanks to our stabilization technologies we prevent the rapid degradation and lost of efficiency .

Our knowledge in the field allows us to apply differents stabilization techniques such as molecule encapsulation to avoid contact with air (and therefore without pre-oxidation) or our cold manufacturing process among others.

Other manufacturers offer antioxidant derivatives (more stable but with much lower efficacy) in poor concetrations.